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Date: Sat. Oct 15th 2016 Place: TUPPS Brewery in McKinney, TX Time: Cooking starts at high noon - tasting starts at 5PM What you need to bring: Tent, table, chairs, 10 gallon or bigger Pot and utensils, ingredients, and cleaning station items.(wash tub, water cooler) We provide: Propane cookers and propane tank, tasting utensils, bowls, serving laddel, table cloth, water & bleach for wash stations.

2nd Annual Hot Tech Chili Cook-off: Rules & Guidelines


This Chili Cook-Off will be conducted using a set of rules that professional chili cookers routinely follow and have evolved to meet the high standards required in a fair and impartial judging of chili. These guidelines, along with the rules, will be strictly enforced. Participants found not abiding by the Rules and Guidelines set will be subject to removal from the competition.


·         Participants: Any individual is welcome to enter the competition. You do not need an actual team to participate. If you have a team, the number of members is limited to (1 team leader 3 assistants). Only members of the team who have been identified on the registration application may assist the team.


·         Each team will be provided with a 10’x10’ area and a propane cooking set-up(includes one propane tank). Additional cookers may be brought in. Please bring a collapsible cover or tent, along with table, chairs and cooking pot and utensils. Electricity is NOT available. No Generators.


·         All food cooking and preparation areas, especially cooking equipment, must be covered by tent. All chili must be prepared in the open (no cooking in motor homes, enclosed tents, etc.).


·         Items used in preparation area should be stored off of the ground and should be protected from contamination during use and storage.  No Smoking is permitted in the preparation and cooking area.


·         We will provide the sampling cups, serving ladles, small spoons and napkins for you to serve your chili.


·         Participant is responsible for providing their own ingredients (hand cut meat or chili grind, spices, and other ingredients for chili.) No precooked ingredients are allowed unless it is prepared in a COMMERCIAL KITCHEN(such as smoked meats from a restaurant). Chili must be prepared ONSITE the day of the event.  No precooked Chili will be allowed in the competition.  Participant will also need to provide cooking pots, cutting board, utensils, cooler (for meat and veggies), paper towels, can opener, matches and any other equipment needed to prepare your chili.


·         Please post if you use any type of alcohol, nuts or peanut oil in your chili. Someone tasting may have allergies.


·         Set up time will begin at Noon. Tear down time will begin after award presentation. For safety reasons, no vehicles will be allowed in the event area between 3pm-7pm,


·         Quantity: This is a competition that includes judges & public tasting. You must prepare and have your chili ready to serve the panel of judges at 5pm, public tasting is shortly after. A minimum of 3 gallons of chili is required for tasting.


·         Participants are to prepare and cook chili in the most sanitary manner possible. Each cook is expected to utilize safe and clean utensils, stoves and other equipment. The cooking area must be a safe and clean working environment. Gloves will be provided and are recommended for cookers and servers.


·         Temperature control is the most important safeguard against food borne illness. Minimum cook temperatures with a food thermometer: Chicken 165°F, Ground Meats 155°F, Pork, Beef Cubed (not ground) 145°F and Vegetables 135°F.


·         Judging will be conducted by a panel of judges at 5PM, public tasting begins right after the judge pickup beginning at 5:30pm until chili is gone! Awards presentation will be held at 6:30pm.


Samples will be served from your area. Each chili sample will be judged on the following criteria:

AROMA – Chili should smell appetizing

CONSISTENCY – Chili should be a smooth combination of meat and gravy

COLOR – Chili should look appetizing

TASTE – Chili should taste good

AFTERTASTE – Chili should leave a pleasant taste after swallowing


HEAT – For Hottest Chili Prize

UNIQUENESS – Most Unique Prize



The last rule is the most crucial…..HAVE FUN!! This is a great way to meet new people, swap cook-off stories and enjoy a day of FRIENDLY COMPETITION!!